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Emotional wellbeing for Older Person (EWOP)

What is Emotional wellbeing for Older persons (EWOP)?

The program provides mental health services for older people who reside in Residential Aged Care facilities in the Sydney and South East Sydney Local Health District regions and aims to provide psychological and psychosocial therapies.

The program will help the residents with:

  • mood improvements, reduction in anxiety and stress,
  • increased ability to cope with life changes,
  • an increased interest in social activities at the facility, and
  • increased capacity of staff to identify and support residents with mental health needs.


  • Residents with diagnosed mental illness
  • Residents who may be ‘at risk’ of developing a mental illness if they do not receive appropriate treatment.

How to access the service:

To access this service a diagnosis of mental illness is required from a GP, a Psychiatrist, a RN or allied health staff. The RACFs are required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the provider to access the service.

Provider will send out the copy of the referral form along with the MoU.

Who can refer to the service?

Only the RACFs with signed MoU can refer to the service.

Who will deliver the service?

Number1300 111 278

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