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Immunisation Education

CESPHN Immunisation update 2023

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This event focuses on the latest clinical information regarding the 2023 Influenza season, COVID-19 update, vaccine acceptance, emerging diseases and more. latest clinical information regarding the 2022 Influenza season, COVID-19 update and more.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discuss influenza trends and vaccination expectations for 2023
  2. Discuss the changes and current status of the COVID-19 vaccination program 
  3. Examine emerging disease outbreaks of concern including pathways for identification and management
  4. Outline of the role of the Public Health Unit and how it relates to general practice
  5. Determine methods for identifying patients overdue for COVID-19 and NIP vaccinations at the practice level

Presented by: A/Prof Nicholas Wood, A/Prof Jane Frawley, and Dr Vicky Sheppeard

Pop Quiz

  1. Pop Quiz: Is it a cold chain breach?
COVID-19 Vaccine Related Education Modules

COVID-19 vaccine training

Core modules 

Clinical modules

Non-clinical modules

  • Training modules available for non-Clinical staff covering the handling, storage and communication of COVID-19 vaccines.

Is this training mandtory or optional?

  • The COVID-19 vaccine training is mandatory
  • All COVID-19 vaccine providers are required to complete the training
  • Providers will need to retain their certificate as proof of completion.

GP weekly update

This Department of Health GP webinar series is to inform GPs on the COVID-19 response and the vaccine rollout.

  • The panel will provide key updates and answer GP’s questions
COVID-19 related Digital training

Clinician Vaccine Integrated Platform (CVIP)

  • CVIP is a digital solution that enables healthcare providers to quickly and accurately upload vaccine records to the AIR
  • ENROL NOW for the CVIP eLearning course
  • For more information about, see website

Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

  • Some good guide videos from QLD Health on how to use the online AIR functions
Safety training

Infection control

Anaphylaxis training

The ASCIA anaphylaxis e-training course for health professionals 2021

  • This course was developed by the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA).
  • This free anaphylaxis course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and is suitable for all health professionals, including medical practitioners and nurses.

First Aid and Basic Life Support and CPR

Vaccine storage training

HETI Vaccine Storage and Cold Chain Management module – NSW Health

  • This module covers was developed by NSW Health and is compulsory for one staff from each practice to complete.
  • Covers all the latest information about vaccine storage and cold chain management in line with both NSW standards and the National standards Strive for 5, 3rd edition.
  • certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the module, remember to keep this on file for accreditation and NSW audit purposes.
Vaccine Hesitancy training

SKAI (Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation)

  • Education on Vaccine Hesitancy and Communication strategies for immunisation providers
CESPHN Education Events
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Nurse Immuniser training 

CESPHN Scholarship for Authorised Nurse Immuniser course

  • The Benchmarque Group Immunisation Practice Pathway and Immunisation Endorsement Program
Webinars & Podcasts
CESPHN Annual Immunisation update

WATCH NOWwebinar video

  • Presented by Prof Nick Wood | NCIRS | 30 Mar 2021
  • Topics include: Flu 2021, COVID-19, vaccine co-administration, AIR, NSW legislation changes
COVID-19 related webinars

RACP COVID-19 Vaccination Series sessions

This four part series explores the up-to-the-minute news, on the research and rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program.

Each webinar brings together a collection of expert voices, to provide insight and education on this most relevant topic.

Influenza 2021 webinars
PHN Webinars
APNA podcast
NCIRS Webinars
Hot Doc Webinars
Immunisation Coalition
RACGP Webinars
Workshops and CPD Events

HESA accredited program accredited program (Health Education Services Australia).

See brochure explaining Benchmarque Immunisation Pathways $567

Course for support staff: Foundations of Immunisation Support $75

Promoting Participation in the National Immunisation Program – FREE

Resuscitation Skills for General Practice

CESPHN education events & webinars 

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CESPHN education events & webinars 

REGISTER NOW to our free* education events and webinars. Check out all of CESPHN’s education opportunities on the Events webpage

Need a member number? Email 

*speak to our CESPHN Events Team to see which FREE events you are eligible to attend: 1300 986 991

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