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intellectual disability Resource and service list

Tools and resources

Intellectual disability pathways

H e a l t h P a t h w a y s 

HealthPathways Sydney covers referral information for the Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) catchment including RPA, Concord, Canterbury, and Balmain Hospitals.  

  • Health Assessment for People with an Intellectual Disability – using the Medicare Health Assessment as a template, this pathway provides a comprehensive overview of how to assess key health indicators in people with an Intellectual Disability, including screening and preventative health recommendations. It is intended to be used over the course of several consultations depending on the complexity of the patient’s needs.
  • Behaviours of Concern in Adults with an Intellectual Disabilitygives practitioners a practical framework to assess challenging behaviours in adults with an intellectual disability and offers clear guidance on the use of positive behavioural support.
  • Mental Health Conditions in Adults with an Intellectual Disability – compliments the behaviours of concern pathway for individuals with comorbid mental health concerns. Provides practical advice on the use of medications where indicated, as well as sources of support or referral if required.
  • Intellectual Disability – Geneticsprovides a framework for genetic testing in people with suspected or confirmed intellectual disability and their families. Provides guidance on the benefits and limitations of genetic testing and local referral pathways. 

Early childhood, early intervention

Early Childhood Approach

For early intervention with or without diagnosis, 1800 953 390 or will put you/the family in touch with an early childhood partner.

Early Childhood Approach – A guide for health professionals  

Special Care Dentistry 

Sydney Dental Hospital 

Special Care Dentistry is a referral centre concerned with the oral health care of adults with complex special needs. Their aim is to provide accessible dental services in an equitable and respectful manner to persons with disabilities. They offer a range of sensory tools and specialised equipment to assist during your visit. Treatment can be provided under local anaesthetic, Relative Analgesia, and General Anaesthetic.  

Specialist Intellectual Disability Health Teams (SIDHT) 

A time limited clinical service to children, teens and adults with intellectual disability who have complex health conditions and a current unresolved health issue.

Assessment, develop a health care plan, coordinate referrals to specialists and support treating paediatrician or GP to implement and monitor the health care plan. Provide capacity building services for mainstream health staff providing care to people with an intellectual disability. 

SIDHT SESLHD (St George Hospital) Email: 

Phone: (02) 8566 1222 

STrIDeS SLHD (Croyden Community Health Centre) Email:  
Ph: (02) 9378 1364 / (02) 9378 1100  

Statewide Disability Mental health hubs 

Two Statewide Intellectual Disability Mental Health Hubs have been established to help people with intellectual or developmental disability access appropriate mental health care. One Hub is for children and young people, and one Hub is for adults. Both are funded by NSW Health.

Transition support- childhood to adult services

Agency for Clinical innovation 

  • Support plans for a transition from children’s to adult health services. 
  • Find an adult healthcare service to suit you or your patient’s needs. 
  • Empower the young person to adjust to new services, attend healthcare appointments and take on more responsibility for their own care. 
  • Support families helping their young person transition. 
  • Provide updates to health professionals on a young person’s progress. 

Request a referral to the service by completing the referral form and submit it to your local Transition Care Coordinator.

Factsheets and checklist for transitioning from childhood services   

Diagnostic testing clinics for adults 

Brain and Mind Psychology Clinic – (02) 9114 4343.

The Psychology clinic provides psychological assessment, therapy, and psychometric assessments. Our services are for adults, children, adolescents and their families, the general community as well as University staff and students. 

Fees: $300 (standard) | $150 (reduced fee for full-time students or unemployed only).

Fee includes interview, test administration, feedback and full report. Assessments are conducted on a single day and generally take three to four hours.