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Psychological Support Services (PSS) – Suicide Prevention Service (SPS)

CESPHN provides priority access to the PSS Suicide Prevention Service (SPS) initiative for individuals who are considered at increased risk following a suicide attempt, self-harm, or who have heightened suicidal ideation and who are best supported in the primary health care setting. The primary objective of the Mental Health Practitioner (MHP) will be to treat and support individuals at increased risk of suicide or self-harm at a critical point in their lives.

PSS SPS is not designed to support people who are acute and immediate risk of suicide or self-harm. Individuals at acute risk should be referred immediately to the relevant state or territory government acute mental health team (or equivalent).


Individuals 18 years and over who have attempted suicide or who have heightened suicidal ideation and are being supported in the primary health care setting, therefore no longer considered at acute risk.

This service is primarily designed for:

  • Individuals who, after an attempted suicide, have been discharged into the care of a Medical Professional (MP) from hospital, or released into the care of a MP from an acute care team (ACT) or an Emergency Department/Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre (PECC).
  • Individuals who have presented to acute care team or PECC after an attempted suicide or incident of self-harm, and have been discharged to the community.
  • Individuals who are on general PSS and have appropriately been stepped up.
  • This service may also provide support to those who are considered at increased risk in the aftermath of a suicide.

For any referral queries, contact CESPHN Mental Health team:

Ph. – 1300 170 554.

Email –

All referrals and reviews must come through the CESPHN Mental Health Central Intake team via:
1. Online Service Referral Form
2. Healthlink/ GP Integrator

Referrals will not be accepted via direct email or FAX due to privacy concerns.