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ANSC April 2021 Update: St George and Sutherland Hospitals

New St George and Sutherland Hospital ANSC Protocol

The St George and Sutherland ANSC Advisory Committee have recently finalised the ANSC Protocol review. The updated protocol is now available on the CESPHN Maternal Health webpage. If the most recent version of this document (dated March 2021) does not appear – please clear your cache in your browser history.

The ANSC Protocol is intended as a guide for general practitioners participating in the St George and Sutherland Antenatal Shared Care (ANSC) Program. GPs participating in the ANSC program will be expected to adhere to the agreed guidelines as outlined in the GP Antenatal Shared Care Protocol when caring for their antenatal shared care patients.

Antenatal online booking form

Pregnant women are encouraged to use the online booking form found on the St George Hospital and The Sutherland Hospital internet sites; under Services and Clinics/Women’s and Children’s Health/antenatal

The antenatal booking clerk will contact the woman via email with information and confirmation of the appointment location, date and time.

The antenatal referral and blood results can be emailed to the booking clerk:

New St George and Sutherland Hospital gynaecology referral form

GPs are requested to use the new outpatient gynaecology referral form for the St George and Sutherland Hospitals gynaecology outpatient clinics. A general letter addressed to the clinic is not a valid referral and is unable to be accepted for Medicare billing purposes.

  • Use the clinic guide to ensure the woman is referred to the correct clinic.
  • Complete the referral and ensure the GP details are legible.
  • Fax the referral form and results to the fax number listed on the form.
  • If required, the GP may also fax a detailed history with the referral.

    The referrals are triaged in the gynaecology clinics at the relevant hospital and the woman is sent an appointment letter in the mail.

    Referral forms are available here:
  • Maternal Health (under referral forms)
  • Practice Support (under templates)

Templates for Best Practice and Medical Director are available for download.

COVID-19 update

St George Hospital

Maternity ward tours have been reinstated. There is a capacity of 8 which is 4 women and their partner or support person. They occur at 2.30 on Saturdays.

No masks required in clinics and partners may attend.

Parenting Classes are held face-to-face and online. The face-to-face sessions are held at St George Research and Education Centre. Bookings can be made and paid for online via this website.

Sutherland Hospital

Partners may attend Antenatal Clinic appointments

Radiology services are continuing as normal. Routine ultrasounds are no longer being directed to other service providers.

Screening for GDM has returned to the normal process of early GTT for high risk women and at 28 weeks for all other women.

Fluvax/Boostrix documentation reminder

Boostrix and Fluvax vaccinations must be recorded on the antenatal yellow record card at GP antenatal visits. This is audited regularly for compliance.