ANSC current research opportunities July 2022

The Ironwoman Study – Update

The Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) and St George Hospital, under the direction of Dr Antonia Shand, MFM specialist, have been conducting a double-blinded RCT Oral and IV iron treatments and their effect on a pregnant woman’s quality of life for the last year. Further information about the study is available in the information brochure for clinicians.

We are recruiting women that have Iron Deficiency Anaemia at 26 – 32+6 weeks gestation. You can assist greatly in identifying women who meet the recruitment criteria:

+ 26 – 32+6 weeks gestation

+ Ferritin < 30

+ Hb 104

Recruitment has been a little slow moving and we believe GPs could hold the key to accelerating recruitment. If you meet women booked at one of the two above sites, please email the woman’s details to