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Clinical Trial: Losing weight prior to pregnancy

The University of Sydney is leading the world’s first clinical trial exploring how losing weight prior to pregnancy can improve the long-term health of mothers and babies.

Professor Adrienne Gordon from the University of Sydney School of Medicine is leading the PreBabe study. She said preconception health is a critical part of a woman’s health, and her baby’s health.

“One in two women in Australia start their pregnancy journey above a healthy weight,” Professor Gordon said.

“While you can have a higher BMI (body mass index) and be very healthy, carrying extra weight at the start of a pregnancy can be associated with complications in pregnancy such as high blood pressure, diabetes, miscarriage and caesarean delivery”.

The PreBabe clinical trial is looking for 2,200 women to take part over the next three years, building on promising data from a recent pilot study.

Women living in Sydney and Newcastle with overweight or obesity (BMI>25), aged 18 to 40 and thinking of becoming pregnant in the near future are encouraged to register their interest.

Participating women will be offered a free 10-week weight loss program as part of the trial.

PreBabe will test two different approaches to losing weight prior to pregnancy to see which has the best short- and long-term results for women and babies.

Both weight loss programs are safe, supported by a clinical team, and designed to be followed for 10 weeks prior to trying to get pregnant. If a woman becomes pregnant while on the weight loss program, she will be helped to safely move to a healthy pregnancy eating plan.

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