ANSC June 2021 Update: St George and Sutherland Hospitals

A guideline for the management of obesity in pregnancy at St George and Sutherland Hospitals

Please read the updated  guideline summary for GP Shared Care (314 KB) , for the management of obesity in pregnancy at St George and Sutherland Hospitals.

Gynaecology clinic referral forms for St George and Sutherland Hospitals

GPs are requested to use the new outpatient gynaecology referral form for the St George and Sutherland Hospitals gynaecology outpatient clinics.

A copy of the referral form can be downloaded from the CESPHN website in the GP templates section or HealthPathways. Please ensure you use this version as it identifies the consultants providing care and is important for the Medicare billing. Please use the clinic guide to ensure the woman is referred to the correct clinic.

  • Complete the referral and ensure the GP details are legible.
  • Fax the referral form and results to the fax number listed on the form.
  • If required, the GP may also fax a detailed history with the referral.
  • The referrals are triaged in the gynaecology clinics at the relevant hospital and the woman is sent an appointment letter in the mail.

COVID-19 update

The current COVID-19 restrictions at St George Hospital have recently changed as follows:

  • No masks required in clinics and partners may attend. Sanitizing hands continues.
  • Birth Unit is now allowing 2 support people for labour and birth.
  • Postnatal now allows 2 visitors and children of woman.
  • Parenting Classes are held face-to-face and online. The face-to-face sessions are held at St George Research and Education Centre. Bookings are made and paid for online. The woman is given the information at the ANC booking appointment.

Antenatal online booking form

Pregnant women are encouraged to use the online booking form found on the St George Hospital and The Sutherland Hospital  websites; under Services and Clinics/Women’s and Children’s Health/antenatal

The antenatal booking clerk will contact the woman via email with information and confirmation of the appointment location, date and time.

The antenatal referral and blood results can be emailed to the booking clerk:

Pre-conception course at Sutherland Hospital

Sutherland Hospital is excited to start up a new course for residents of the Sutherland Shire and St George areas for people who are wanting to start a family. The course ‘Planning a baby’ is a two-hour session with the first one starting on Monday 21 June 2021. It will be offered as a face-to-face course and online.

‘Planning a baby’ is the first of its kind for St George and Sutherland hospitals. It is open to anyone who is planning to conceive a baby to give them information about planning a pregnancy and to give education about the importance of the first 2000 days in a child’s life.

The course is being coordinated by Alana Hurst, the Parent Education Co-ordinator at both Sutherland and St George Hospitals. Alana can be contacted on 9522 1081. For further information and registrations please visit the registration page.

Orana Early Support Service

The Orana Early Support Project provides support to families with young children who have little external support and need assistance. The program is a successful volunteer based in-home service that provides support and help to families with children aged 0-3 years. The project specifically targets multiple birth families, mothers who are isolated, experiencing postnatal depression and/or anxiety, wives with partners in the army, women escaping domestic violence, families experiencing financial/relationship issues.

Program volunteers provide respite, practical support and help families to develop skills and confidence to effectively manage their own lives and to link into social supports, as well as other community resources. To ensure all obstacles to a strong and nurturing family environment are addressed, during the initial visit with the family the coordinator will work with parents to identify areas where they feel they need additional help. This allows the program to be tailored specifically to the needs of the mother/family. It is recognised that family stress is often the result of lack of support and social isolation and this service helps to sustain and support families through difficult times, while assisting in the development of practical skills relating to the care of the child/ren and the role modelling of parenting skills.

Please note that the in home psychology component of our service is currently at capacity.

Should you like to refer a family with a child and/or children between 0 – 3 for some in home support via our trained volunteers, please feel free to contact us.  We will be running volunteer training again in May.

A gentle reminder that we can only service families in the Sutherland Shire.

Children’s Acute Review Service (CARS) at Sutherland Hospital

The Children’s Acute Review Service (CARS) is a service run by Paediatric Staff Specialists, Registrars and Paediatric Nurses at Sutherland Hospital.  The service is provided for children in the Sutherland Shire who require a specialist paediatric medical consultation in the acute stage of an illness or as a follow-up review in the recovery period. 

General Practitioners treat many children with a variety of illnesses. If a child requires a specialist paediatric consultation for treatment or a second opinion for non-emergency type patients, CARS is designed to facilitate this process.

To speak with CARS staff or to arrange an appointment please call 9540 8484 during office hours – Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm. If you are unable to get through on the 9540 8484, the paediatrician registrar can be contacted through the switch on 9540 7111.

 At this stage, clinics run each Monday-Friday from 11:00am to 3:00pm by appointment. Further information is available in the   flyer (188 KB) .