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ANSC March 2022 Update: St George and Sutherland Hospitals

Covid-19 update 

– Statistics have shown that pregnant women have a higher risk of severe illness compared to non-pregnant women, and their babies have a higher risk of stillbirth or of being born prematurely.

– Women that have tested positive are to have an ultrasound two weeks after the isolation period to check on the baby and its growth

– Women that have had covid early in pregnancy are also recommended to have a growth scan at 34-36 weeks

– Routinely offer Pfizer or Moderna vaccines at any stage during pregnancy

– Encourage boosters. Pregnant women that have had a booster have higher rate of infants having antibodies at 6 months of age.

– Restrictions easing at St George Hospital – 2 persons for labour and birth and postnatal visits

Iron infusions

A reminder that iron infusions for pregnant women must be ordered by the hospital antenatal medical staff not the GP. They are performed onsite and include fetal monitoring post infusion as per hospital policy

Booking referrals and results – reminder

– Pregnant woman to book using the online referral form on the hospital website

– An email will be sent to the woman with the booking appointment date, referral form for the GP to complete, early screening tests brochure (NT/NIPT) and hospital information

– Woman to email the completed referral form to the antenatal clerical mailbox

– The early blood and US results are emailed to , or GP to upload to MyHealth Record -this is preferred method if the woman is registered

– All pregnant women require a face-to-face antenatal assessment at each ANSC appointment

Yellow Cards

The yellow Antenatal Record card is commenced at the hospital booking appointment and given to or mailed to the woman after a telehealth booking.

Please remind your patient to bring the card to every appointment, and update results and information at every visit.

‘Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy’ program

‘Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy’ program will commence in SESLHD antenatal clinics. This will include identifying pregnant women or partners who smoke. At each visit, patients will measure CO2 level with Smokerlyzer, discuss triggers and effects on mother and baby, benefits of quitting, myths, NRT and passive smoking.

Also included in the program:

– Quitline information (Quit Pack, phone and text support service)

– iCanQuit website (

– Quit for Two App (Android and iPhone)

– Nicotine Replacement Therapy explained

– Referrals arranged to NSW Quitline, GP/Doctor or Pharmacist, Smoking Cessation Counsellor

– Evaluation of results