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ANSC November 2020 Update: RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital

New executive management for Women’s Health, Neonatology and Paediatrics

SLHD has recently appointed Professor Jonathan Carter as Clinical Director Women’s Health, Neonatology and Paediatrics and Director RPA Women and Babies.

Additional appointments:

  • Dr Bradley de Vries – Head of Department Obstetrics
  • Professor Jon Hyett – Head of Department High Risk Obstetrics.

Key contacts for clinical support

Please remember for any clinical concerns regarding your patient’s, please contact:

A) Hospital’s on-call O&G Registrar via switch : RPA 9515 6111 , Canterbury 9787 0000  


B) Clare Jordan, GP Liaison Midwife, Monday – Friday: 7.30am-4.00pm ph 0425 230 662 or email

  • Click here for key service contacts for both RPA Women and babies and Canterbury Hospitals

Antenatal “yellow” record cards for your practice

RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospital have moved to using the generic NSW Health Antenatal Record Card. Current hospital antenatal record cards can still be used during transition. The NSW Health antenatal record card is currently used across other maternity facilities within CESPHN.

The Antenatal Yellow Cards (Product Code: NH612060) are free of charge and can be ordered through Stream Solutions.  

Stream Solutions do have a minimum order requirement and will charge postage and handling costs. Minimum order is 1 pack = 250 cards (P&H costs = $16.50 incl gst)
FYR  1-2 packs (250-500 cards) = $16.50; 3-4 packs (750-1000) = $33.00

Please contact Stream Solutions on 1300 786 075 / 02 8398 2660 or email  or to place order

Obstetric Referral Form

The generic Obstetric Referral Form for both RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospital ( available as BP & MD templates) is required to be completed for hospital billing purposes and to commence a woman’s antenatal care. A clinical software summary can accompany this referral.

Accessing GP ANSC Resources 

Unsure where to access ANSC GP resources? All resources regarding the GP ANSC program are located on  Sydney Healthpathways and  CESPHN website

Search “antenatal” on Sydney Healthpathways to view an variety of relevant pathways or a specific clinical search. Each pathway provides specific guidelines on assessment, management and requests. Additional health professionals and patient resources are available onrelevant pathways

Discussing models of antenatal care … the GP’s role

Regardless of whether a GP has a special interest in obstetrics, he or she will almost inevitably be the first consultation a woman has regarding her pregnancy. During these initial visits, GPs should be responsible for informing women of all options of care, offering balanced information on the full range of options available to them throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period.

This information should include not only the different models of maternity care available locally but should also cover choices such as antenatal screening tests, antenatal education and information about birth, postnatal care, and infant care and feeding.      1. RANZCOG Maternity Care Australia 2017

  • Click here for Models of Care at RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospitals
  • Click here for Having a Baby Book – NSW Health
  • Click here for Pregnancy resources – NSW Centre for Genetics Education includes “ prenatal testing”. Click here to order brochures
  • Click here for Pregnancy Checklist – consumer resource noting suggested topics women should discuss with their GP during pregnancy and following birth.

NIPT Clinic – RPA Women and Babies

RPA Women and Babies continues to provide a Non-Invasive Perinatal Screening (NIPT) service for pregnant women. Women who wish to have the test are offered appointments at the NIPT clinics currently running on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

  • Click here to access the brochure for Non-Invasive Perinatal Test (NIPT)  
  • Click here to access the brochure for Combined First Trimester Screening (cFTS) 

For further information, please contact SLHD Reproductive Genomics CMC – Dr Nasrin Javid ph. 9515 1275

E- referrals to SLHD community paediatric service

Referrals to SLHD community paediatrics are now available via Healthlink Smartform

  • Click here for guide to sending e- referral to SLHD community paediatric service