Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Training Program – Update to Support Payments

Important information and action are required for accredited training practices, supervisors and registrars.

The Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) is transitioning to a college led AGPT program starting from Semester one, 2023. As part of the transition, accredited training practices, supervisors and registrars will need to register online with Services Australia to be able to receive their training support payments from the beginning of 2023.

Please see Information for practices, supervisors and registrars instructions on what practices, supervisors and registrars need to do to receive training support payments from 2023.

Update regarding support payments

It is now advised that AGPT program participants can now add their bank account details to their PRODA (Provider Of Digital Access)/HPOS (Health Professional Online Services) account.

The next step in the registration process is to enter your bank account details into the Service Australia PRODA/Organisation Register system. This functionality has been available since 19 December 2022.

For more information on the program please see: National Consistent Payments Framework

Please direct any other questions about the Service Australia payment system to the Department of Health and Aged Care at: