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Back to school and the Asthma risk for kids

15 February 2022

Whilst we face Omicron and the vaccine roll out for children, we cannot get complacent about back to school asthma. 

Every year there is a well-documented spike in asthma flare-ups when children return to school after the summer break. 

This results in an increased reliance on health care resources – Emergency Department visits, hospitalisations, and GP presentations – and days off school.

Not only is this unsettling for children as they start a new year at school, but it often impacts time off work for the parents/carers also.

This year we’re asking kids to achieve their asthma goal and helping them achieve it with a fun Asthma Adventure game. You may just be their Asthma Master…

For more information about helping your child achieve their asthma goal click here.

Download and print the Asthma Adventure Game here