Connect with a network of like-minded professionals working in suicide prevention right across Australia.

By joining the Black Dog Institute Suicide Prevention Network, you’ll be able to share knowledge and learnings with other members; empowering each other to create change and save lives through a systems approach to suicide prevention.

The Black Dog Institute Suicide Prevention Network has been designed to connect you with a diverse network of individuals and organisations who are passionate about lowering the rate of suicide in our community.

Every member gets access to:

  • The Suicide Prevention Network members portal, a growing library of evidence-based implementation guides, resources and new research
  • Expert-led, moderated online forums
  • A growing library of evidence-based guides, resources and research
  • Monthly members-only Let’s talk about suicide prevention:
    • Community of Practice Events
    • Thought-leadership articles
  • Ability to connect with leading suicide prevention healthcare professionals and key community members around Australia
  • Expert-led, moderated online forums

For more information visit the Black Dog Institute website.

Read and download information on the Suicide Prevention Network.