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Bowel Cancer: second biggest cancer killer in NSW

20 June 2022 

Bowel Cancer Screening – Take the test out of the drawer and do it

The Cancer Institute NSW estimates that between January and June this year more than 100,000 potentially life-saving free bowel cancer screening kits were sent out and have not been returned.

We are urging people to get that test out of the drawer and do it.

Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in NSW. But if it’s found early it can be successfully treated in more than 90 per cent of cases. 

The single biggest risk factor for getting bowel cancer is getting older. People in their early 50s have significantly lower screening rates compared to older age groups.

The NCSR enables general practitioners to access view patients screening histories, check their information and order a bowel screening kit. The NCSR is accessible through:

  • HealthCare Provider Portal 
  • Integrated clinical software, Best Practice (Saffron), Medical Director 4.0 and Communicare 21.3

For more information accessing the HealthCare provider portal or the integrated clinical software: 
National Cancer Screening Register

For more information on bowel cancer screening visit:
National Bowel Cancer Screening Program