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Bowel screening for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Health professionals in Indigenous health services can help their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients to complete bowel screening, boost bowel screening participation rates – and save lives.

Alternative access to kits

Participating health professionals across Australia can now give National Bowel Cancer Screening Program kits directly to their eligible patients. This is in addition to the mail out method in place.

Getting started in your practice

In 5 steps, your practice can help increase the bowel screening rates of eligible people in your community.

  1. Register for access to the National Cancer Screening Register Healthcare Provider (HCP) Portal.
  2. Get training on bowel screening, using the portal and how to have conversations with patients.
  3. Order the free test kits in bulk
  4. Hand out kits to eligible patients and record this in the portal
  5. Access resources with culturally tailored options, including an expanded range for Indigenous people to promote participation in the program, here.