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Bp Premier Saffron SP3 Free Webinars

The Bp Premier Saffron SP3 release is almost here. Saffron SP3 brings the full suite of Medicare Web Services functionality to the Bp Premier users. Bp is bringing some exciting new Australian Immunisation Register functionality, and new Online Claiming features as part of the Medicare Web Services upgrade.

Your practice must upgrade to Saffron SP3, and configure your connection to Medicare Web Services within this release to continue your access to Medicare services, including Online Claiming, Australian Immunisation Register, and Online Patient Verification functionality.

Services Australia’s deadline for your migration is the 13th of March, 2022, but Team Bp has secured an extension to this deadline on behalf of all their practices until the 19th of June, 2022.

Join for one of the below free Masterclass webinars to find out all of the key information that you need to know to manage your upgrade and transition to Medicare Web Services and learn about all the changes and enhancements coming in the Saffron SP3 release, including:

• All new Australian Immunisation Register functionality in the patient record
• New Medicare Claiming functionality
• Recap of Medicare Webservices and PRODA in Bp Premier
• Key dates and milestones for Medicare Web Services changeover
• How to register/extend your B2B device
• Other Medicare Web Services functionality (introduced in Saffron SP2)

This webinar is suitable for all users of Bp Premier interested in new functionality available in the Saffron SP3 release.

All sessions will be recorded and distributed to all registrants.

To register, choose a date and click one of the links below:

23rd February 11:00 AM AEST:
24th February 9:00 AM AEST:
25th February 2:00 PM AEST:
28th February 1:00 PM AEST:
1st March 9:00 AM AEST: