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Cancer Screening made easy

06 June 2022 

National Cancer Screening Register available at “the click of a mouse”

In 2019, the Cervical Screening rate for eligible patients was 55.3% and the Bowel Cancer Screening rate was 37.6% in the CESPHN region.  Did you know there’s an easy way to view your patients latest screening details and results as the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR) can now be accessed through your clinical software? With the click of a mouse, you can reorder forms, update details, opt patients out and much more, with no more separate log ins, faxes or phone calls. 

Dr Annabel Kain, Erskineville Doctors, says doctors in her practice have been successfully using the integrated version of the NCSR for several months. It’s been particularly helpful for many patients who are unaware of when their cervical screening is due, especially since changes in 2017.

Accessing through your software can mean: 

  • cervical screening results for new patients can be checked and added to practice software
  • practice software checks the Register when patient file is opened and flags if the patient are overdue for a Cervical Screening Test, Bowel Cancer Screening, or if follow up for an abnormal result is required. 
  • the Bowel Cancer Screening advice form can be completed directly from the patient file
  • new FOBT kits can be ordered for patients
  • patients can be opted out of the register if they no longer require screening or reminders can be deferred (eg. If they have just had a colonoscopy they won’t be sent a kit)

To see what the integration software can do for you, view this  90 second animated overview.

To register your practice, follow the NCSR registration guide here then configure either Medical Director or Best Practice.

Installation may require additional support, so don’t hesitate to contact us at