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New Short Stay Hernia Service at Canterbury Hospital

  • 1 November 2023
  • SHW

The Canterbury Short Stay Hernia Service (CSSHS) uses Day Stay Surgery approach to reduce waiting times and facilitate rapid return to work and function for public patients with hernia. CSSHS is suitable for young and healthy adults (under 65 years of age) with uncomplicated groin and umbilical hernia.

All patients are triaged by a hernia specialist, thoroughly reviewed at the Hernia clinic, and have their surgery on dedicated Day Stay operating lists.

The CSSHS currently accepts referrals directly from GPs and other clinicians within the boundaries of Sydney Local Health District. It is a publicly funded free service.

Please see the Inclusion and Exclusion criteria below. For patients who do not fit the criteria, please refer either to a general surgery Outpatient clinic or directly to a Hernia surgeon of your choice.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Age 65 years or under
  • Independent in activities of daily living
  • Adequate home support for patient available on the day of surgery
  • Able to understand and consent to Same Day Discharge

Exclusion criteria – NOT suitable for CSSHS, please consider alternatives:

  • Major cardio-respiratory comorbidities (CCF, COPD, recent stents/MI)
  • BMI > 40
  • Irreducible, incarcerated or strangulated hernia, large inguino-scrotal, Incisional, Multiple, Bilateral inguinal, Lumbar, Spigellian
  • Therapeutic anticoagulation requiring Bridging
  • Liver Cirrhosis or Portal Hypertension
  • Antiplatelet agents that cannot be stopped for 7 days prior
  • Active bleeding or Clotting disorders
  • Established Bladder outlet obstructions (groin hernia only)

Further information, including service contact details, can be found via HealthPathways Sydney:

Non-Urgent General Surgery Assessment