Cash rewards for people commencing Hepatitis C treatment:

07062023 Motivate C Cured Hep C 1

Most people with hepatitis C can be cured with as little as 8 weeks of treatment.

Despite this, many Australians with hepatitis C are yet to undertake the treatment and be cured.

The Motivate C project is studying whether the offer of a cash incentive will encourage people to take up hepatitis C treatment in primary care and is looking for people living with hepatitis C to take part.

This is a nationwide project with extensive GP consultation and input and is led by the University of Sydney and approved by the Sydney Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee (2022/ETH01681) and is now recruiting participants from May 2023.

Adults with hepatitis C and who haven’t been tested for hepatitis C in the past 4 weeks can take part.  Participants self-register for this study and will be connected with a treatment navigator, to guide them through all study procedures. 

The project will provide all participants with a compensation payment for their time. Additionally, participants may be randomly assigned to receive a reward payment for commencing hepatitis c therapy.

GPs are critical to the success of the Motivate C project. They can help by identifying eligible participants and letting them know about the project. 

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Contact the ‘Project’ team on if you are interested in receiving posters and other promotional material for your practice.