Media Release: Central and Eastern Sydney PHN releases Healthy Ageing Strategy to empower older people

In response to the increasing longevity and rapid growth of the older population the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network (CESPHN) is proud to release its new Healthy Ageing Strategy 2023-2028.

This comprehensive strategy aims to empower older individuals in our community, enabling them to lead active and fulfilling lives supported by inclusive communities and integrated person-centred health and social services.

The CESPHN Healthy Ageing Strategy places a strong focus on promoting health and wellbeing, reducing barriers to access high-quality care, improving health system integration, and fostering age-inclusive communities.  Two of our key initiatives include the:

  • CESPHN Healthy Ageing Hubs that are based in community neighbourhood centres staffed by workers trained to support GPs and primary care workers through addressing non-medical needs of older people.
  • Care finder program that supports GPs, primary care workers and the local community to identify and connect vulnerable older people to health and aged care services such as My Aged Care, Carer Gateway, NDIS, and other services.

By focusing on the needs of the older person, CESPHN seeks to foster a supportive environment that enables older individuals to maintain functional capacity, supporting their overall wellbeing and social inclusion.

“Our vision is to empower older people to lead active and fulfilling lives, enabled by inclusive communities and supported by integrated health and social services,” stated Nathalie Hansen CESPHN CEO.

The CESPHN Healthy Ageing Strategy acknowledges that those most disadvantaged often face poorer health outcomes as they age. To address this disparity, the strategy incorporates key actions to support diversity and recognize the unique life experiences of vulnerable older individuals within the region. By implementing targeted initiatives, the strategy aims to reduce the impact of disability as individuals age.

The strategy focuses on improving system capacity, service integration, and streamlined care models to meet the needs of all older people in the community.

This strategy has been a year in development and reflects input from older people, primary care providers and those delivering services in the community. It is through working together and agreeing on service priorities that CESPHN hopes to drive an agenda of collaboration and change. 

An implementation plan will help monitor and guide the success of the Healthy Ageing Strategy.

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