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Cervical screening and self-collection is available NOW

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National Cervical Screening Program
Launch of self-collection eligibility expansion
From 1 July 2022, anyone eligible for a Cervical Screening Test under the NCSP (i.e. women and people with a cervix aged 25-74 years who have ever had any sexual contact) will have the choice to screen either through selfcollection of a vaginal sample using a simple swab (unless a co-test is indicated), or clinician-collection of a sample from the cervix using a speculum.

Where can you get more information?
National resources available to support the self-collection changes can be accessed through the Program Resources
sections at www.health.gov.au/ncsp 
• There is a range of resources available, for consumers and for healthcare providers. There are information
sheets, videos, visual guides, quick reference guides, etc. There is also a range of easy-read resources for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and culturally and linguistically diverse people.
• Information specific to self-collection is also available at our https://wwself-collection page

In addition, take a look at the:
• new National Cervical Screening Program National Cervical Screening Policy, which has been updated to 
cover both screening options (i.e. self-collection and clinician-collection).
• video and FAQs on the changes to the NCSP Clinical Guidelines to support the self-collection expansion.

What you can do
• Familiarise yourself with the available resources (outlined below) to support you in offering self-collection to
patients as a choice for cervical screening.
• Read through the key messages below that provide more details around the changes and how you can
support your patients in offering self-collection as a choice for cervical screening.
• Engage early with your local pathology laboratory to confirm they support processing of self-collected
vaginal samples and to order the required swabs and other consumables.
• Look out for further messages from the Program on the availability of further resources and education
materials to help equip you in offering self-collection as an option for cervical screening to your patients.

Key messages for healthcare providers and laboratories
Availability and processing of self-collected vaginal samples
• There is a range of collection devices and methods available for use under the NCSP for self-collected vaginal
• Self-collection devices and methods will vary by pathology laboratory and laboratories may have varying
collection and handling instructions and requirements.