Helping vulnerable people access Australia’s aged care system:

20230607 Carefinders Landscape

The CESPHN Care Finder Network launched at the beginning of 2023 has now been running for five months. We have 10 commissioned organisations providing the care finder service across the CESPHN region, helping vulnerable people access aged care services.

This important service focuses on providing face to face support to a cohort of people identified by the Aged Care Royal Commission as being at risk of falling through the cracks. 

The nature of this cohort prevents them from calling My Aged Care for help. This could be for various reasons; it could be because the person has become isolated by circumstance, is distrustful to engage with Government services, or that the person does not have the capacity to seek help or find their way through the My Aged Care onboarding process.

Finding and engaging with this cohort of people can at times be challenging and tricky. Care finders often have to take the time to connect with the person, to gain their trust and then assist them to access the aged care and other support servicers they may need to improve their health and quality of life.

Once services are arranged care finders will usually follow-up with client on a regular basis to ensure services are still meeting their needs, and that they have not lapsed.

We know that many organisations, health professionals, and people in the community know of, or may be in regular contact with the people the care finder program is designed for and seeks to assist.

If you or your organisation know of or are in contact with people that require this extra support, you can refer them to a CESPHN care finder who will reach out and offer assistance.

Our care finders will take referrals from other health professionals, service providers and intermediaries, and members of the community, including people themselves.

If you or someone you know of needs this service, you can call the 1800 346 337 central intake number, and we’ll put you in touch with a local care finder who can help. Alternatively, you can contact one of our care finders directly by viewing the full list of CESPHN care finders and their contact details on our CESPHN care finder webpage.