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CESPHN Healthy Ageing Strategy 2023-28 has been released

Cesphn Healthy Ageing Strategy Featured News Image

The Central and Eastern Sydney PHN has developed a Healthy Ageing Strategy to empower older people in our region to live more active and fulfilling lives, enabled by inclusive communities, and supported by integrated person-centred health and social services.

Healthy ageing relies on maintaining functional capacity to support wellbeing and social inclusion. Our Strategy acknowledges the key role primary care workers and communities play in health promotion, prevention, and screening initiatives, and assisting to address the social determinants of health and wellbeing. It also recognises the key role older people, or their carers can play when engaged and empowered to participate in managing their own health and wellbeing.

Good health in older age is not distributed equally, either between or within communities, and those most disadvantaged are the ones who most frequently experience poorer health outcomes as they age. To address this, our Strategy incorporates key actions that support diversity and recognise the life experiences of more vulnerable older people in our region and the barriers they face as they age.

Our Strategy aims to increase years of life without disability and reduce the impact of disability for older people in our region as they age. Perhaps the greatest challenge in responding to an ageing society is ensuring a primary care and aged care workforce capable of supporting the needs of all older people. This is why our Strategy focuses on improving system capacity, service integration and care models that support streamlined care.

Responding to the challenges of an ageing population requires collaboration and partnership with government and non-government sectors, businesses, the community to achieve the best outcomes for older people. To achieve the strategic vision of this Strategy, CESPHN will work in partnership with local providers and older people – we cannot do it alone and this is why our Strategy incorporates actions to grow these local partnerships.

The key actions in our Strategy will form part of an implementation plan which will provide a basis for monitoring and guiding the success of this Strategy. An annual progress report and update against actions will be provided to the CESPHN Board and communicated to the CESPHN Aged Care Advisory Committee, Community and Clinical Councils throughout the duration of this Strategy.

Read full CESPHN Healthy Ageing Strategy 2023-28.