Coming Soon: CESPHN Mental Health Services Directory for Referrers

Do you want to:

  • Efficiently and accurately refer your client/patient to the most appropriate level of care at any given point in time? 
  • Confidently know what level of support a service/program offers? 
  • Sort easily through service eligibility criteria to ensure your client/patient will be accepted? 
  • Know what the wait times are for various services? 

Yes? The CESPHN IAR team have developed a comprehensive mental health services directory that will list regional services that can be filtered by various search fields, including the level of support offered, to meet your client/patient needs. 

The Directory uses the Initial Assessment and Referral – Decision Support Tool (IAR-DST) levels of care to categorise services in our region according to the level of support provided. It is designed to be used alongside the IAR-DST to efficiently determine the right level of support required for your client/patient and which services will deliver that level of support. 

The Directory will even go one step further by providing regularly updated waiting times for the services listed.

Keep an eye out for further information on how to access the mental health services directory when it is officially launched.

In the meantime, brush up on your use of the IAR-DST by attending one of our free training sessions.

Dates can be accessed at IAR-DST webpage