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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annual requirements

Below is a snapshot of the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements for doctors, these include annual requirements of: 

  • completion of a Professional Development Plan
  • 50 hours CPD each year, split across a range of activities: 
    • 25 hours – reviewing performance and measuring outcomes (with five hours minimum of each type)
    • 12.5 hours – educational activities – reading, lectures, conferences etc
    • 12.5 hours free choice of activities – doctors allocate these CPD hours.

Ensure you have completed your requirements by 31st December 2023 and uploaded your hours to your dashboards. 

Medical Board of Australia – CPD at a Glance

Visit the CESPHN website for more information and templates on quality improvement activities and how this can be used to record CPD (Measuring Outcomes) hours. 

Other useful webinar and how to guides:

A reminder that you can view any of our recorded webinars on our YouTube channel and self-report these as an Educational Activity (EA) with your governing body. You can also log additional time for post webinar self-reflection or quality Improvement activities that you undertake (RP or MO hours) using QuickLog on your dashboard.

Please contact the CPD team if you have any questions events@cesphn.com.au