COVID-19 is still with us – don’t be complacent!

17 March 2021

COVID-19 is still with us – don’t be complacent – PPE and Infection Control is important! Are you keeping your PPE supplies up?

Whether you are a clinic that will be participating in the COVID-19 vaccine roll out are not, you should ensure your PPE supplies are at an appropriate level.

We encourage you to continue to order your PPE through your usual suppliers, but if the need arises for extra supplies of masks, complete the online request from through the CESPHN Coronavirus website page here: Mask Request Form

Are you keeping up with your INFECTION CONTROL procedures?

Infection Control procedures are paramount in these times, but it should be part of your everyday practice .

Stay vigilant in your infection control procedures, ensure you CONTINUE TO:

  • Triage for COVID-19 and respiratory systems
  • Display posters and notices educating staff and patients in hand hygiene; sanitiser use; physical distancing; directing patients to where they can sit; cleaning procedures and tasks; mask wearing if appropriate
  • Keep up cleaning schedules including regular wipe downs
  • Keep informed with NSW cases and recommendations from NSW Health
  • Refer to the RACGP Infection Control Standards for information

For further support for your practice, you can contact CESPHN at coronavirus@cesphn.com.au

or call 1300 986 991 and select practice support.