COVID-19 update – 16 December 2020

16 December 2020


New COVID-19 case identified this morning

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has revealed a 45-year-old man who drives international and other aircrew back and forth to the airport  for a company based in Alexandria has tested positive for coronavirus this morning. This is the state’s first locally acquired coronavirus infection since a hotel quarantine worker tested positive at 1.30am on Thursday, December 3. The driver was wearing a mask and taking other infection control measures. We will provide further updates as they become known.

Stay up to date with changes to COVID-19 testing clinic opening hours

As we enter the holiday season many COVID-19 testing clinics are changing their opening hours or shutting down temporarily. Check our website for the latest information.

Guide to Application of PPE 

The Clinical Excellence Commission has released an updated version of its comprehensive guide on the application of PPE during COVID-19.  The major changes relate to how COVID-19 spreads, modes of transmission, precautions to prevent transmission and guidance around respirators.

Access the guide here.

Ventilation key to preventing transmission of COVID-19

COVID-19 particles can remain in the air for some time and will build up if there is not enough ventilation.

NSW Health recommends:

  • Using outdoor settings where possible
  • If using indoor settings choosing large well-ventilated spaces
  • Opening windows and doors

Click here for more information.

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