COVID-19 weekly update – 11 JANUARY 2023

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COVID-19 cases in the region

The number of COVID cases in our region continue to remain high. General practices should take the necessary steps to ensure they are able to respond to this increase. Infection control and wearing masks (staff and patients) is still critically important.

For further information on the latest number of COVID cases please go to the latest NSW COVID statistics. If you would like information and support on infection prevention and control for your practice, please email at

Healthdirect antiviral treatment assessment

Since mid-2022, Healthdirect Australia has assisted COVID positive people in our region to connect to their GP for antiviral treatment assessment and prescription.

Healthdirect notifies the consumer via text message to call their GP if they may be potentially eligible for antivirals, and notifies their GP or GPRC (General Practice Respiratory Centre) by secure messaging of the patient status with a phone call follow up. However, in response to feedback from GPs, and due to the successful implementation of secure messaging for this program, the follow up call is no longer needed and has ceased from 1 January 2023.

More information about the service is available here: Supporting access to antiviral treatment | healthdirect

New PPE arrangements from 1 January 2023 

As part of the National COVID-19 Health Management Plan for 2023, all living with COVID measures scheduled to cease on 31 December 2022 have been reviewed by the Department of Health and Ageing.  

From 1 January 2023, general practices should source their PPE through local commercial suppliers as CESPHN will no longer be receiving orders for PPE. 

Pulse oximeters for your patients 

CESPHN is still providing pulse oximeters – please see details below

  • Individual patients – we have access to a small supply of oximeters. GPs with patients they believe require a pulse oximeter urgently are asked to complete this CESPHN Pulse Oximeter online form with the patients details and we will arrange delivery of an oximeter. 
  • General practices – practices actively seeing moderate risk COVID positive patients can also be sent up to 10 pulse oximeters per practice via the new PPE online ordering form. If your practice has already received 10 pulse oximeters via the previous process, you will need to access future stock through your local suppliers.

Update to COVID-19 Administration System (CVAS)

COVID vaccines, or remove access to existing COVID vaccines 

Sites participating in the COVID-19 Vaccine Program can log into CVAS and directly request to activate, reactivate or deactivate access to one or more vaccine products. 

  • Withdrawing from specific vaccines: 
    Before making a request to deactivate a vaccine type, sites will need to ensure they have completed a final Stock Management Report and recorded zero stock on hand for the vaccine type they are requesting to be deactivated for. Please note, a request does not guarantee a site will be activated for the requested vaccine type, approval of requests is at the discretion of the Department. 
  • Withdrawing from the program completely: 
    If a site would like to withdraw completely from the program, they will need to log into CVAS to request withdrawal from all vaccine types and then contact their local PHN to fully withdraw from the program.

For your site to withdraw from the program practices must: 

  • Have completed a final stock management report and recorded zero stock on hand for all vaccine types they have on hand. 
  • Sites can remain deactivated in CVAS but retain access to the site in the event they would like to participate in the program in the future, also known as taking a break. They will not be required to complete any mandatory reporting during this time. This will enable the site to be able to participate in the Program again, should the need arise. 
  • Log into the Vaccine Clinic Finder Connect and remove themselves as a vaccine provider from the Vaccine Clinic Finder.