Digital health for allied health professionals

23 March, 2022

A branch of Digital Health technologies useful for AHP practices is Secure Messaging. Traditionally, allied health professionals (AHPs) communicate with GPs and specialist with letters and faxes. Both methods have drawbacks/advantages, and with the emergence of digital health technologies, may not be as reliable, convenient, or as secure as Secure Messaging services.

Secure Messaging is a highly encrypted method of transmitting letters, test results and other medical documents between AHPs and GPs/ specialists/ other AHPs. CESPHN can assist with embracing Digital Health and Secure Messaging in your AHP practice.( )

To start using Secure Messaging is easy. First start by registering yourself with a Secure Messaging provider. Then send your letters using the Secure Messaging service. Ask for assistance from your CESPHN. (

Patient outcomes and interdisciplinary communication may improve once you start using Secure Messaging as it provides a timely, efficient, and a secure mode of communication between AHPs and GPs/specialists. Secure Messaging is also a good way of enhancing respectful collegiate relationships and interdisciplinary communication between AHPs and GP/ specialists and other AHPs.

The benefits are:

  • simple to set up,
  • improve respectful, collegiate communication with GPs/ specialists/ AHPs,
  • improve patient outcomes by reducing the time waiting for documents to be delivered,
  • receive documents electronically into software (Selected software only. Removing the need for scanning),
  • no more illegible and faxed documents,
  • cost saving on staff time, stationery, and postage, and
  • environmentally friendly.

If you’re interested in learning more, including how to set up secure messaging, contact CESPHN digital health & QI team: and see link

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