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Don’t Fool Around With Syphilis

Don’t Fool Around With Syphilis

Syphilis is a serious sexually transmissible infection (STI) that causes both immediate and long-term
health issues.
The Australian Government has launched a national campaign to raise awareness of the STI syphilis
and the current outbreak happening across Australia.
It’s easily treatable with antibiotics, but not everyone with syphilis has symptoms.
This means that people often don’t realise they have the infection. For those with symptoms, the first
sign of syphilis is the appearance of sores or ulcers at the site of the infection (genitals and mouth).
If you have been diagnosed with syphilis, it is important to speak with your doctor about the course of
treatment that is right for you. If you have syphilis, avoid sex or close sexual contact with another person
until you have finished treatment.
Three populations are most at risk:
• men who have sex with men
• women of child-bearing age
• those who live in outbreak areas (including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities).
The campaign will run nationally on a range of online channels, including social media, to raise
awareness of syphilis, including:
• symptoms
• treatment options
• how to avoid getting it.
Anyone who is sexually active should get tested regularly for syphilis to help stop the spread of infection.
You can download posters and factsheets from the Don’t fool around with syphilis campaign website.