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Support patients to use e-mental health tools with EMHPrac

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The rise of digital apps and online programs has ushered positive change for the future of mental health treatment, said Dr Jan Orman, GP Services Consultant at Black Dog Institute.

Dr Orman said: ‘Given the frustrations stemming from prolonged wait times and costs, patients and healthcare providers are seeking alternatives, and research shows that optimal patient outcomes are achieved when providing blended care of both digital resources and professional support’.

For the sixth consecutive year, GPs have consistently reported that mental health problems are the most frequent reason for patient appointments, with 38% of GP consultations addressing mental health issues.

In this regard, GPs are bearing a substantial part of the mental health care responsibility. Early and appropriate intervention at a primary care level can improve quality of life and even save lives.

Digital mental health resources can help primary care practitioners match the level of care to the severity of illness. They can ensure that people who would not otherwise get help have the best chance of recovery.

What are the advantages of digital mental health treatments?

• Reduced manual administration

• Increased accessibility for patients

• Evidence-led programs available for anyone, anywhere, at anytime

• Help remove stigma, cost and location barriers to seeking help

How can Black Dog Institute assist you?

Through the e-Mental Health in Practice initiative, Black Dog Institute provides training and resources to support GPs and other health professionals in the use of digital mental health tools.

To learn about Black Dog Institute’s evidence-based research on digital mental health and to access free CPD-accredited training and online resources, visit the Health Professional Resource & Education Hub. Registration is free