Expression of Interest for Clinical Council or Community Council 2024

The EIS Health Board, trading under the name Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network (CESPHN) is actively seeking passionate individuals residing or working within the Central and Eastern Sydney region to join its Clinical Council or Community Council in the upcoming year. 

These two separate Councils provide feedback on CESPHN’s work and give strategic advice to the EIS Health Board on local clinical and community matters to improve the health and wellbeing for all. The Councils meet every two months for two hours. Council members may be eligible for remuneration for their time at meetings. 

Individuals with the following attributes are encouraged to apply: 

  • Strong Community Networks and Health Expertise: Candidates should possess robust community connections and a deep understanding of prevalent health issues and priorities. 
  • Active Group Contribution: Individuals should have the ability to actively engage and contribute constructively within a group dynamic. 
  • Strategic Thinkers: Prospective council members should demonstrate strategic thinking abilities, coupled with the capacity to adopt a holistic perspective on healthcare systems. 
  • Balancing Diverse Needs: The candidates must exhibit the capability to balance the healthcare needs of diverse populations effectively. 
  • Problem Solvers: Candidates should be adept at assessing complex issues and recommending appropriate strategies for their resolution. 

Interested individuals should consider applying to either the Community Council or Clinical Council bearing in mind that each council has their distinct areas of focus. We strongly encourage you to review the Terms of Reference documents to make an informed decision. 

There are two types of membership for the Community Council: 

  • Community services organisational representative (people who work for a community services organisation and wish to join as part of their work) 
  •  Individual community member/consumer. We encourage you to sign up with voices4health as well to stay updated on other consumer-related engagement opportunities.  

Key documents: 

Complete the Council EOI online form by 9:00 AM on Wednesday, 18 October, 2023. 

Applicants will be notified of the outcome in December 2023.  

Please contact us at for any enquires around this process.