Emotional Wellbeing for Older Persons (EWOP)

3 November 2020

The EWOP program provides mental health services for older people who reside in Residential Aged Care facilities. This program aims to provide psychological and psychosocial therapies.

Residents experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues as diagnosed by a GP, a Psychiatrist, a RN or allied health staff are eligible for this program.This also includes residents who may be ‘at risk’ of developing a mental illness if they do not receive appropriate treatment

Referrals can be made by facility care managers/DONs/RNs who can alsosupport GPs visiting facilities to refer. The referral form is available at RACFs in the SLHD and SESLHD regions and the process requires the following:

  • Recently completed Psychogeriatric Assessment Scale score (PAS score)
  • Recently completed Confusion Assessment Method (CAMS) result (to exclude delirium)
  • Nomination of diagnosis
  • signed resident consent to the referral

Please click here for more information about the program.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ann Gaffney on 1300 111 278 or by email at cesphnmhracs@anglicare.org.au

 Click here (129 KB) to download the flyer.