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Free online parenting support in central and eastern Sydney

5 July 2021

Right now, supporting children’s and young people’s emotional wellbeing with positive parenting is more important than ever. Many families are dealing with extra emotional stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone in our community, even those who aren’t parents, has an important role to play in helping families cope with challenges and uncertainty and focus on resilience. You can help by normalising reaching out for support.

That’s why we’re sharing the information below with you, and asking you to pass it on to families.

To help parents reduce stress, and support their child’s coping skills, FREE evidence-based, online parenting support programs (Triple P Online and Teen Triple P Online) are now available to parents and carers in Central and Eastern Sydney, thanks to Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network.

Visit the website to find out more or help parents to get started:

  • Triple P Online (8 modules) – for parents of under 12s.
  • Teen Triple P Online (6 modules) – for parents of ‘tweens’ and teens under 16

Triple P Online and Teen Triple P Online are interactive programs covering a wide range of positive parenting tips and strategies. There are 6-8 modules (plus a special edition COVID-19 module) for parents to work through at their own pace. The COVID-19 module helps parents stay calm, learn how to respond to children’s anxiety, and encourage resilience and coping skills during this time. There are also worksheets and videos on handling common issues and supporting children’s and teenager’s development.

The program helps parents and carers focus on children’s and teenagers’ emotional wellbeing and development, even in times of stress and uncertainty.

There are multiple research studies showing the health outcomes and effectiveness of Triple P Online; a new large-scale randomised controlled trial, published in April 2021 by The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry has found similar results at 12-month follow-up for both online and in-person delivery of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

Thanks for being part of helping children and young people get the best start in life.