GP ANSC Program : Sourcing Antenatal Record Cards for RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury

10 November 2020

RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospital will now be using the NSW Health Antenatal Record Card. These cards are the same currently used at Royal Hospital For Women, St George and Sutherland Hospitals, therefore consistency across all maternity facilitates. The current process for ordering these cards will be the same for RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital as for the other hospitals. These cards can be ordered through Stream Solutions.

Antenatal Yellow Cards (Product Code: NH612060), free of charge.

Stream Solutions do have a minimum order requirement and will charge postage and handling costs. Minimum order is 1 pack = 250 cards P&H costs = $16.50 (incl gst)

Please contact Stream Solutions on 1300 786 075 / 02 8398 2660 or email StreamDirectHelpdesk@stream.net.au or streampmunswh@stream.net.au to place order or further information