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GP framework for Child Mental Health; e-learning & resources

Engaging other services and healthcare providers is an important part of providing high quality care to children and families. Continuity and coordination of care can be enhanced through timely and appropriate referrals, whether they be to a Better Access service provider, a GP with a special interest, a child and youth mental health service (CAMHS), or a non-government organisation (NGO) providing a social and family support service. These services can also provide a ‘team’ approach to care, returning support and expertise to the GP. This resource has been developed to help GPs to provide practical guidance related to key areas of the referral process.

To learn more, visit the e-learning course, A GP Framework for Child Mental Health Assessment (5-12 years). 

Download the flyer “Successful referral to clinical and non-clinical services: Tips for GPs” (1.32 MB)

Download the flyer “GP Practice Pathway Summary” (679 KB)

Download the flyer “A GP Framework for Child Mental Health Assessment (5-12 years) e-learning course” (858 KB)

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