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GPCanShare – Specialist support to manage your patients with cancer


CESPHN has recently commissioned hospital-based cancer centres within our region to implement a new service, GPCanShare, which aims to enhance cancer management in the region by strengthening integration between cancer and palliative care specialists, community services and general practices.

GPs have Indicated that there is a need for a model of care that provides them with timely access to specialist cancer expertise. This model of care Involves joint responsibility for patient care between both primary and acute providers. This process involves the transfer of information, knowledge gained in daily practice and transfer of practical knowledge and skills.

The service will involve collaboration between SLHD, SESLHD, SVHS and general practices in the CESPHN region with the establishment of an integrated model of care whereby hospital-based cancer care coordinators liaise with General Practice. General Practice will be provided regular updates on all aspects of their patient’s care via their preferred communication method, including clinical and supportive care.

Patients will be managed and monitored in accordance with their care plans by their GP who us supported by the specialist nurse coordinator. Additionally, the nurse coordinator will encourage patients to see their GP when required regarding problems that can be managed in the GP setting. General Practice will be able to regularly review care plans and update specific information they would like included.

The service will result in:

  • Increased communication links between the hospital cancer teams and the GP
  • Increased access by General Practice to timely information and resources from the hospital
  • Improved GP knowledge of best practice cancer management and local cancer services.

Further information on GPCanShare and how to register your interest can be found here.