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Aboriginal Health worker: spotlight

Meet Sharon Brown, the Aboriginal Health worker at South Eastern Sydney (SESLHD), Public Health Unit (PHU). She works in the immunisation team and the Aboriginal COVID-19 support team.

An important part of Sharon’s role is assisting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families, by improving uptake of vaccinations and providing information in a culturally supportive way.

She may contact your clinic/service at times to assist with enquires for follow up of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander patients, mainly for children who are overdue for their vaccinations.

Immunisations for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people helps provide protection for the whole family and it is important to offer the additional free vaccinations such as Bexsero®. Please familiarise yourself with the National Immunisation program for all Indigenous people.

If you would like more information and support on providing a culturally welcoming service for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people please feel free to email:

You can also refer clients to the Public Health Unit Aboriginal health Webpages: SESLHD PHU Aboriginal Immunisation and SESLHD PHU Aboriginal COVID-19 Support team