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Hepatitis Can’t Wait!

World Hepatitis Day is held annually on 28 July. Hepatitis Can’t Wait is again the theme for the World Hepatitis Day this year.

The PHN, the local LHDs and NSW Health are strongly supportive of GPs prescribing hepatitis C treatment and can offer support, education and guidance. This aligns with the Central and Eastern Sydney PHN Hepatitis Strategy 2021-2025.

NSW Health recently released the NSW Hepatitis C Strategy 2022-2025 and is dedicated to eliminate hepatitis C as a public health concern by 2028. It is an achievable goal with GPs playing a very key role. GPs that treat people from a diverse backgrounds are important in reaching people with hepatitis C who may not access other health services.

Increasing screening, diagnoses of hepatitis B and C and the prescribing of antiviral treatment in GP settings is essential. Supporting patients to access effective treatments for hepatitis B and hepatitis C can prevent cirrhosis and hepatocellular cancer.

GPs are encouraged to:

For more information on local pathways and protocols on the management of patients in and between primary and secondary care, please visit Sydney HealthPathways or South Eastern Sydney HealthPathways.

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