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How have you been acknowledging and celebrating National Reconciliation Week?

2 June 2021

National Reconciliation Week officially finishes tomorrow. We hope many of you have participated and celebrated in some way.

Karina has had great response for the quiz’z in which we shared over the past 2 editions of the Sydney Health Weekly. Many found it fun and educational. As promised the quiz answer sheets can be found here (211 KB) . There’s still time to coordinate a quick quiz session or to share amongst staff.

For us internally, we have held some cultural immersion activities, we have had x2 facilitated walk and talk sessions at La Perouse with Glen Timberry and have had Felicia Robey twice in the office showing us the practice of Wayapa Wuurk- an earth connection modality with physical movements similar to tai chi.

We thank you for your efforts and contribution to Aboriginal Health and Reconciliation.

More information on our Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing program, resources and services can be found here- links to website