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How to support the emotional and mental health of older persons living in residential care

13 October 2020 

CESPHN has funded Dementia Australia to provide a FREE 2 hour Virtual Classroom (with CPD) to all staff working in Residential Aged Care Facilities in the CESPHN region.

The program will focus on delivering various topics related to mental health that will help in supporting the emotional and mental health of older persons living in residential care and giving knowledge in:

  • What is mental health, including different types of mental health conditions
  • Prevalence of mental health conditions in residential aged care including those associated with cognitive impairment and dementia
  • What can impact on a person’s emotional and mental health
  • Identifying signs and symptoms of mental health conditions
  • Strategies for supporting a person’s positive mental health
  • Helpful resources and services.

Participants can join online from any location but must enroll in advance to a session via the below. These sessions are open to all facilities covered by CESPHN so early enrollment is encouraged to ensure your staff are empowered to deal with the challenges of COVID-19.

Please visit the here to register yourself for the program.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Rogers on 0439 226 535 or by email Rebecca.Rogers@dementia.org.au