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Immunisation Weekly Update:

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NSW Cold Chain Audit commencing in October 2023

As part of a NSW Health initiative, South Eastern Sydney Public Health Unit will commence auditing general practices and pharmacies administering NIP-funded vaccines using an electronic Cold Chain Audit survey.

This comprehensive survey will cover all aspects of the cold chain management system, including equipment, mechanisms in place for power outages, staff training, and reporting of cold chain breaches as per the Strive for five requirements.

Practices and pharmacies will be asked to complete the survey within two weeks of receiving the email from the Public Health Unit. Failure to complete the survey, or to provide other evidence of an annual audit, could result in a hold on vaccine ordering until the survey is completed.

Any questions about this survey should be emailed to

COVID-19 training – NSW requirements for nurses and pharmacist

From 1 October 2023, clinicians participating in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines will no longer be required to complete the COVID-19 vaccine training modules and the learning platform will close.

However, authorised nurse and pharmacist immunisers will still be required to comply with NSW requirements. The Authority for registered nurses and midwives and the NSW Pharmacist Vaccination Standards have been revised and amended to include the following requirements for authorised immunisers administering COVID-19 vaccines:

Additional information on immunisation is available on the NSW Health webpage.

COVID-19 vaccine clinical guidance transitioning to Handbook

Shortly the ATAGI Clinical Guidance for COVID-19 vaccine providers will transition to the Australian Immunisation Handbook (AIH).

Updates on the progress of the AIH transition will be provided in a future Provider Bulletin. COVID-19 vaccination statements will continue to be available on the ATAGI webpage.

ATAGI 2023 COVID-19 booster advice – first and additional dose

This fact sheet provides frequently asked questions on the updated September 2023 ATAGI advice for the COVID-19 booster dose.

What is the difference between the February and September advice?

The February 2023 advice focused on who should receive a COVID-19 vaccine dose in 2023. The September 2023 advice applies to who should receive an additional COVID-19 vaccine dose.

The new SKAI website

The new SKAI website (Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation) website is a source of helpful, credible, evidence-based information that is designed to support conversations about vaccination between community members and healthcare professionals.

The new site consolidates information and resources that were previously spread across three separate websites. There is content for healthcare professionals, parents and caregivers, and expectant parents.

The site will continue to be expanded through the addition of new resources, including materials to support healthcare professionals in communicating with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well as tackling the challenges of vaccination misinformation.

Immunisation news highlights

In case you missed anything, catch up on the latest immunisation news:

Nurse Scholarship
Limited scholarships available for Authorised Nurse Immuniser course.
Zostavax® Funding
Zostavax® funding for people aged 71 to 79 years ends 31 October 2023.
Video: Overdue Reports
Instructions on how to action Childhood Immunisation Overdue Reports.
CCB Online Reporting
Practices in South Eastern Sydney LHD to use new online form to report cold chain breaches.
Shingrix® NIP Funding
Shingrix® vaccine will be NIP funded from 1 November 2023.
Rabies management
Post exposure management of rabies.