Immunisation Weekly Update:

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COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program ending soon

From 1 October 2023, the COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program (CVTP) will be coming to an end:

  • the online e-learning platform will close
  • training modules will no longer be produced
  • training will no longer be mandatory for participation in the COVID-19 Vaccine Program
  • certificates of completion will no longer be issued

Training will remain mandatory up to and including Saturday 30 September 2023. The learning platform will continue to be available as module completion and certificate downloads will still be required during this period.

COVID-19 reference resources will continue to be updated and available on the Department of Health website:

Additional 2023 dose of COVID-19 vaccine – updated resources

Resources have been updated to reflect the new 1 September 2023 ATAGI recommendations for receiving an additional 2023 dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

ATAGI recommendations for individuals without risk factors (page 1):

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ATAGI recommendations for individuals with risk factors: (page 2):


Vaccinate Zostavax® eligible patients before 31 October 2023

Under the expected NIP program changes, people aged 71 to 79 years of age will not be eligible for any funded shingles vaccine (both Zostavax® and Shingrix®) from 1 November 2023.

Practices should contact these eligible patients to offer available Zostavax® vaccine before funding ends on 31 October 2023. A screening tool should be used to assess the safety of Zostavax® vaccination in all patients.

Assess patients  using The Screening tool for Zostavax vaccine to determine suitability.

Zostavax® stock

  • There is limited availability of Zostavax® at the NSW Vaccine Centre.
  • Practices with existing stock of Zostavax® should ensure these vaccines are not wasted by contacting eligible patients.
  • Practices with excess stock of Zostavax should email to assist us in directing any patient enquiries for this vaccine.

How to identify patients eligible for a Zostavax® vaccine

Identify and contact eligible patients aged 71-79 years using data extraction tools PenCAT or POLAR, or simply run a report from your clinical software for this age cohort and check their vaccination status.

For all patients identified as unvaccinated, check their vaccination history in AIR for shingles vaccination (both Zostavax® and Shingrix®) before recalling.

For assistance, contact our Digital Health & QI team at

POLAR Walkthrough: How to find eligible patients who have not had a Zostavax immunisation.

Webinar: Vaccination for people with disability

This NCIRS webinar we will explore gaps, opportunities and advice relating to vaccinating people with disability, including important tips and present effective strategies for vaccinating people with disability in your clinic.

  • About: vaccination service gaps for people with disability, ways to support vaccination of patients with complex needs, and new NCIRS resources to support healthcare providers in vaccination.
  • When: Friday 22 September 2023, 12.00pm – 1.15 pm
  • Register: Free – click link to register