Immunisation Weekly Update:

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International Shingrix stock

The NSW State Vaccine Centre have begun distributing internationally branded stock of Shingrix vaccines, approved under section 19A of the Therapeutic goods Act 1989. Immunisation providers are advised to note the differences from the Australian branded stock, particularly the US date format: MM/DD/YYYY.

The Shingrix (USA, GSK) documentation will be enclosed with each delivery of Shingrix vaccines.

Measles – fifth case in NSW

NSW Health is advising people to be alert for signs and symptoms of measles after being notified of a confirmed case of measles in Sydney, the fifth case in NSW so far in 2024. The case is an adult who recently returned from south-east Asia where there have been ongoing outbreaks of measles in several countries.

This Information for NSW General Practitioners information sheet outlines measles presentation, suspected case management and measles vaccination advice. See also the measles pathway for full management details: South Eastern Sydney or Sydney HealthPathway.

Immunisation webinars

Register for upcoming immunisation education webinars. View past webinar recordings on our Immunisation | Education webpage.

Webinar: New RSV vaccine and antibody for infants REGISTERNCIRS update on RSV disease burden in infants and new RSV vaccines and treatments, including monoclonal antibodies for infants.
Date: Tuesday 27 February 2024
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Webinar: RSV vaccines for older adults   REGISTERNCIRS update on new RSV vaccines for older adults currently available or will become available in Australia in the coming years.
Date: Thursday 7 March 2024
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Webinar: CESPHN 2024 Immunisation update REGISTERCESPHN’s annual update on the latest clinical information on RSV, influenza, COVID-19, emerging diseases and more.
Date: Thursday 14 March 2024
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Webinar: Influenza and COVID-19 vaccination update REGISTERNCIRS latest updates relating to influenza and COVID-19 vaccination, including 2024 Australian Government program recommendations and available vaccines.
Date: Wednesday 27 March 2024
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Australian Immunisation Register infographic series

Services Australia has a series of infographics available to support accessing and submitting information to the AIR and using AIR042A reports to identify individuals due or overdue for COVID-19 vaccinations.

NIPVIP resource

January saw the launch of the National Immunisation Program Vaccinations in Pharmacy (NIPVIP) program, which allows participating pharmacies nationwide to administer certain NIP vaccines with no out-of-pocket costs to eligible patients aged over 5 years.

With this development in mind, NCIRS has updated Vaccination from community pharmacy – at a glance.

Order resources

Providers are encouraged to order printed copies of the latest immunisation resources:

Immunisation news: Highlights

Catch up on all the latest immunisation news and alerts and see news highlights below:

February 2024Shingrix increased allocations
Providers can now order increased quantities of Shingrix® vaccines from the State Vaccine Centre.
February 20242024 influenza vaccine update
Information on the 2024 influenza vaccination program pre-allocation and deliveries
February 2024BP and MD – AIR compliance upgrade
Upgrade software to ensure the new mandatory AIR reporting requirements are met.
January 2024RSV vaccine
RSV vaccine Arexvy approved for use in adults aged 60 years and over against respiratory syncytial virus.

Resources: Immunisation

Immunisation advice is updated regularly – access to the latest information is essential:

February 2024Shield yourself from shingles – Resource collection A collection contains fact sheets, brochures, posters and a health professionals’ kit about shingles vaccinations for eligible people.
February 2024SKAI resource Parent-friendly information answering questions or concerns about vaccinations.
December 2023Following vaccination – what to expect and what to do This resource provides easy-to-read information on common reactions that may occur after vaccinations – updated Dec 2023 to include Vaxelis®.
November 2023Adult vaccinations – NIP Factsheet Consumer factsheet about free adult vaccines available on the NIP.
Adult vaccinations – NIP Brochure Consumer brochure about free adult vaccines available on the NIP.
November 2023Shingles – Health professionals’ kit Shingles communication resource kit for health – includes email examples, social media content and talking points for practice staff.

Resources: COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccination advice is updated regularly – Links to the most up-to-date information are listed below:

February 2024COVID-19 comparison poster Poster outlines key differences between each COVID-19 vaccine available in Australia.  
February 2024VAE reporting form This form is to help vaccine providers report a vaccine administration error (VAE) under the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.
February 2024CCB reporting form This form is to help vaccine providers report a potential cold chain breach under the COVID-19 vaccination program.
January 2024Excess COVID-19 vaccine form Report all excess COVID-19 vaccine stock to CESPHN via to help reduce wastage and facilitate transfers to other sites.
January 2024COVID-19 vaccine – Provider resources collection Several resources from the provider collection were updated 12 Jan 2024.
December 2023
COVID-19 recommended doses
Flowchart outlines ATAGI recommended doses by age and risk factors.