Immunisation Weekly Update:

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Dinner & Networking CPD event next week

Join our immunisation event next week on Thursday 3 August 2023 to learn about the recent addition of Vaxelis® to the childhood NIP schedule as an alternative to Infanrix Hexa® and key differences between the two hexavalent vaccines, as well as an overview of infectious diseases common in children, AIR childhood overdue reports and more.

  • Date: Thursday, 3 August 2023, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Location: The Waterfront Function Centre @ St George Motor Boat Club, 2 Wellington Street, Sans Souci, NSW 2219
  • Registration:

All immunisation providers including GPs, nurses and pharmacists are encouraged to attend.

Rabies management following exposure

Returning travellers may present to general practice with exposure to rabies virus following a bite from an infected animal. If not treated promptly after exposure, rabies is almost always fatal.

Urgent medical attention is critical – immediately contact Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055 to arrange administration of post-exposure prophylaxis and rabies immunoglobulin where required.

Health professionals can find localised information for the management rabies on the relevant HealthPathways website: Sydney LHD HealthPathways or South Eastern Sydney HealthPathways.

Measles Alert: Randwick & Rose Bay

Measles cases have been notified in two residents of SESLHD. The cases visited several locations in Randwick and Rose Bay – see all exposure locations.

Secondary cases may arise in the coming week, and health workers should be alert for cases presenting:

  • Isolate suspected measles cases (patients with fever and rash) in a separate room on arrival; if suspected cases call you ahead, arrange to see them at home, or in your rooms without exposing other patients.
  • Notify the Public Health Unit about suspected cases – don’t wait for test results before calling. The earlier the PHU knows about a suspected case the more effective contact tracing can be.
  • Test suspected cases and mark as urgent – collect both a nose and throat swab and a first pass urine sample for measles PCR, and blood for measles serology (IgM & IgG). The PHU can assist in expediting testing, if indicated.

Further information:

Vaccine timelines

The Vaccination for our Mob report shows that the percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children vaccinated on time is substantially lower than for non-Indigenous children. The report outlines key strategies to improve the timeliness of vaccination and address concerns about delayed vaccination in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Immunisation education

Online course: 2023 Influenza Preparedness & Vaccine Options

Webinar: Why do we need a new tuberculosis vaccine?

In this webinar, you will hear more about why we need to develop a new TB vaccine, the limitations of the current vaccine and what new vaccines are on the horizon – as well as the challenges associated with their development.

When: Thursday 27 July 2023, 3–4 p.m. AEST

Zoom meeting ID: 619 7690 1161

Password: 778295

This is a free event; contact with any questions.