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Immunisation Weekly Update:

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Webinar: NSW influenza program 2024

Register for the annual NSW Health Influenza Vaccination Program webinar to receive information on the 2024 flu vaccination program.

  • About: NCIRS specialist paediatrician will present on 2024 influenza vaccines and their use in eligible age groups, and strategies to increase uptake in at risk groups. There will be a live Q&A panel at the end to answer audience questions.
  • When: Tuesday 13 February 2024 | 7:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Register: click here

All immunisation providers in NSW are encouraged to attend, including GPs, nurses, pharmacists, practice managers, and RACF, hospital and community health workers.

Webinar: RSV in infants

Register for the NCIRS RSV webinar on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) which will explore new vaccines and treatments to reduce the incidence and impact of RSV in infants. 

  • About: RSV symptoms and disease burden in infants and next steps for RSV vaccines and treatments in Australia.
  • When: Tuesday 27 February 2024 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm  
  • Register: click here

Webinar: CESPHN 2024 Immunisation update

Join us online for CESPHN’s annual immunisation update presented by NCIRS. This webinar will cover the latest clinical information on RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), influenza, COVID-19, emerging diseases, and more.

  • About: latest clinical information on RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), influenza, COVID-19, emerging diseases, and more.
  • When: Thursday 14 March 2024 | 7:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Register: click here

Shingrix vaccine supply

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer released a statement on 2 Feb 2024 to the general public about supplies of the Shingrix vaccine. Key messages include:

  • Over 487,000 doses of Shingrix vaccine have been administered in the first 3 months of the program
  • Due to high demand, people may currently be experiencing difficulties accessing Shingrix vaccines
  • More than 100,000 additional doses will be distributed nationwide over the coming fortnight
  • The Government is also working closely with the vaccine supplier, GSK, to explore options to bring forward additional deliveries of Shingrix into Australia.
  • Shingles is not contagious and does not pose the same public health threat as communicable diseases

Read full statement.

Shingrix resource

On 1 February 2024, a series of new shingles videos were published which share the message to those aged 65 and over about the importance of getting the free shingles vaccine. View the range of Shield yourself from shingles videos on the Department of Health and Aged Care website.

Back-to-school vaccination checklist

Illness can spread easily between children at schools or childcare. Vaccination can prevent the spread of many serious diseases and re provided for free to children on the NIP.

Immunisation providers are encouraged to include vaccination as part of a child’s back to school checklist. Order the latest childhood NIP fridge magnets and other resources to promote childhood vaccinations at your practice.

SKAI resource

The SKAI contact card provides details of the Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation (SKAI) website for parents. The SKAI website provides parent-friendly information about immunisation and provides answers to common questions. Healthcare providers can give this to parents who have questions or concerns about vaccinations.

COVID-19 vaccine comparison poster

Updated on 1 February 2024, the COVID-19 vaccine comparison poster provides key differences between each COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in Australia as per the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) guidelines.

It is essential that immunisation providers access the latest version of resources as COVID-19 vaccination information and advice is updated frequently.

COVID-19 health information and advice services

Healthcare providers can direct patients to access the following information and advice services:

  • Health Direct website and helpline (1800 022 222) for symptoms, testing, isolation, long COVID, and recovery.
  • Service Finder for COVID-19 vaccine providers in Australia. Compare clinics, check availability, and book an appointment. The service is available in 15 languages and can be filtered by telehealth or accessibility needs.
  • Symptom Checker for people with COVID-19 symptoms to find out if medical help is required.

Immunisation news: Highlights

Catch up on all the latest immunisation news & alerts:

January 2024Measles – Third case in NSW   There have been three recent cases of measles arriving in NSW from overseas.
January 2024RSV vaccine RSV vaccine Arexvy approved for use in adults aged 60 years and over against respiratory syncytial virus.
January 2024Annual CPR training Immunisation nurses and pharmacists are required to obtain a statement of proficiency in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) annually.
January 2024COVID-19 vaccine – 2024 advice Updated COVID-19 vaccine recommendations will be provided in early 2024 from the Department of Health and Aged Care.
January 2024EVA and NCH The National Coronavirus Helpline (NCH) and Easy Vaccine Access (EVA) services have been decommissioned.
January 2024COVID-19 infections surge High level of COVID-19 transmission in NSW – variants EG.5 and JN.1 appear to be driving most transmission, with JN.1 increasing in prevalence.
January 2024Flu vaccine 2024 The TGA has accepted the recommended composition of the influenza vaccines for 2024. Advice on when and how to order 2024 NIP influenza vaccines will be circulated in February 2024.
January 2024Novavax supply in 2024 Novavax is no longer available to order from CVAS with last doses expiring 31 January 2024. A new Novavax XBB.1.5 formulation (Nuvaxovid) is expected to be available in time for the 2024 autumn respiratory season.
January 2024NIPVIP program 2024 The NIP Vaccinations in Pharmacy (NIPVIP) program commenced on 1 Jan 2024 allowing patients over 5 years of age to access free NIP vaccines in a community pharmacy.
December 2023New mandatory AIR fields Two new reporting fields (Vaccine type and Route of administration) will become mandatory from 1 March 2024.

Resources: Immunisation

Immunisation advice is updated regularly – access to the latest information is essential:

December 2023Following vaccination – what to expect and what to do This resource provides easy-to-read information on common reactions that may occur after vaccinations – updated Dec 2023 to include Vaxelis®.
November 2023Whooping Cough Day Whooping Cough Day campaign resources about whooping cough and simple ways that people can remain protected.
November 2023Adult vaccinations – NIP Factsheet Consumer factsheet about free adult vaccines available on the NIP.
November 2023Adult vaccinations – NIP Brochure Consumer brochure about free adult vaccines available on the NIP.
November 2023Shingles – Health professionals’ kit Shingles communication resource kit for health – includes email examples, social media content and talking points for practice staff.
November 2023Shield yourself from shingles – Resource collection A collection contains fact sheets, brochures, posters and a health professionals’ kit about shingles vaccinations for eligible people.
Order resourceNSW Immunisation Schedule The NSW Immunisation Schedule was updated October 2023 to include NIP funded Shingrix®
Order resourceMultiple childhood vaccinations NCIRS poster affirming the safety of children receiving more than one vaccine at the same time.
Order resourceChildhood injection sites poster Poster for vaccination providers – illustrates recommended sites for childhood vaccinations in NSW.
Order resourcesChildhood NIP immunisation resources Promote childhood vaccinations with the latest childhood information resources including fridge magnets, height charts, brochures and posters.

Resources: COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccination advice is updated regularly – Links to the most up-to-date information are listed below:

February 2024VAE reporting form This form is to help vaccine providers report a vaccine administration error (VAE) under the COVID-19 Vaccination Program.
February 2024CCB reporting form This form is to help vaccine providers report a potential cold chain breach under the COVID-19 vaccination program.
February 2024COVID-19 comparison poster Poster outlines key differences between each COVID-19 vaccine available in Australia.
January 2024Excess COVID-19 vaccine Report all excess COVID-19 vaccine stock to CESPHN via to help reduce wastage and facilitate transfers to other sites. 
January 2024COVID-19 vaccine – Provider resources collection Several resources from the provider collection were updated 12 Jan 2024.
December 2023COVID-19 recommended doses Flowchart outlines ATAGI recommended doses by age and risk factors.
February 2024COVID-19 comparison poster Poster outlines key differences between each COVID-19 vaccine available in Australia.
November 2023COVID-19 handbook chapter Chapter for COVID-19 in the Australian Immunisation Handbook was updated 27 Nov 2023 to include the new XBB.1.5 vaccine.