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This post is not the latest immunisation update and therefore may contain information or advice that is out of date. Please see our most recent update here.

Immunisation weekly update – 13 January 2021

13 January 2021

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COVID-19 vaccine roadmap  

The COVID-19 vaccine roadmap identifies: 

  • priority populations for vaccination, and the phases in which vaccines will be provided in Australia 
  • details for how vaccines will reach frontline healthcare workers, quarantine and border workers, and aged and disability care residents and workers 
  • initial locations across Australia at which vaccines will be administered

The roadmap is available on the Department of Health website

Webinar: Preparing your practice for COVID-19 vaccinations

This important webinar will focus on the current status in regard to the rollout of COVID vaccines and help you start preparing your practice now for mass vaccination. 

Presenters: Katrina Otto and Michelle Horswood 

Date: 2 February 2021 

Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm 

Register now 

Target audience: GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and practice staff

Requirements for 2021 flu vaccine orders 

In order to receive 2021 flu vaccine orders, practices are required to action the following:

  1. Complete  mandatory flu vaccine survey
  2. Confirm  receipt of vaccine delivery

If both have been completed, no further action is required.

Why is the above information required?

2021 influenza vaccines will not be released to providers who fail to complete the NSW Health flu vaccine survey. The deadline for survey completion was 11 December 2020 – those who have not yet completed the survey must complete survey now.

Subsequent orders cannot be placed until immunisation providers confirm receipt of a vaccine delivery on the NSW Vaccine Centre webpage. This is to ensure NSW Health can account for all vaccinedose delivered to immunisation providers.

How do I “confirm receipt of vaccine delivery”?

  1. Check your vaccine delivery
  2. Log into the NSW Vaccine Centre webpage
  3. Select ‘confirm receipt of a delivery’
  4. If there is a problem with the delivery, do not confirm the delivery, and call NSW Vaccine Centre on 1300 656 132

See NSW Vaccine Centre User Guide on page 19 for detailed instructions on how to confirm receipt of a delivery. 

Authorised Nurse Immuniser update

Policy directiveupdate, December 2020

The Authorised Nurse Immuniser Policy Directive outlines the mandatory conditions which specially trained registered nurses and midwives must comply with to ensure effective and efficient immunisation service delivery. 

Legislation update, December 2020

The NSW legislation Authority for Registered Nurses and Midwiveshas been updated. Notable changes include:

Why is COVID-19 vaccine not included in the new legislation?

Inclusion of the COVID-19 vaccine under the Authority cannot occur until it has been listed in the Commonwealth Poisons Schedule as a poison or restricted substance. The Authority will be further updated when that occurs.

CESPHN scholarship for Authorised Nurse Immuniser course

Central and Eastern Sydney PHN is offering practice nurses the opportunity to apply for a 75 per cent* scholarship to complete The Benchmarque Group’s Immunisation Endorsement Program. This course is to become an authorised nurse immuniser in NSW and administer vaccinations independent of a medical officer, which will include COVID-19 vaccine. The Authority will be further updated to include the COVID-19 vaccine once it has been listed in the Commonwealth Poisons Schedule.

The course 

The Benchmarque Group’s Immunisation Endorsement Program course involves 112 hours of online study and assessment in addition to a half day workshop. The course is accredited by Health Education Services Australia (HESA) and conforms with the National Immunisation Education Framework for Health Professionals.  

Upon completion of this course, registered nurses and midwives will have the qualification to administer vaccinations in NSW, independent of a medical officer, as per NSW Health Authority

The scholarship  

CESPHN invites registered nurses working in general practice in the CESPHN region to apply for a scholarship for the Benchmarque Immunisation Endorsement Program (full cost $567).  

Eligibility criteria: registered nurses working in general practice within the CESPHN region, who have not completed the Authorised Nurse Immuniser qualification. 

Recipients will be eligible for the following, upon successful completion of the course: 

  • 75 per cent of course fee reimbursement ($425) upon course completion prior to 31 March 2021
  • 50 per cent of course fee reimbursement ($284) upon course completion prior to 30 June 2021  
  • 25 per cent of course fee reimbursement ($142) upon course completion prior to 31 December 2021

How to apply

Submit your application now to commence your course and receive the scholarship: 


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MumBubVax package

MumBubVax is a new evidence-based communication package to use in primary care or maternity services. It aims to improve conversations about vaccination between health care providers and expectant parents and provides eLearning modules for providers and a website for expectant parents. 

The MumBubVax package includes: 

The MumBubVax eLearning modules aims to support healthcare providers in communicating confidently and effectively with expectant parents about vaccination during pregnancy and for babies after delivery. 

The MumBubVax website for expectant parents is designed to support conversations about vaccination during pregnancy and for babies after delivery. This includes independently assessed information about influenza, pertussis and Hepatitis B vaccines included on the National Immunisation Program and answers to common questions. 

The Australian Department of Health supports the package which can be used in primary care or maternity services.

Zostavax vaccine safety advisory

New TGA Safety Advice: Zostavax vaccine  was published 22 December 2020 on the TGA website regarding Zostavax and risk of disseminated varicella zoster virus (vaccine strain) infection.

Zostavax is a live, attenuated varicella-zoster virus vaccine that is used to prevent shingles in older patient.

Healthcare professionals should carefully assess patients for potentially immunocompromising conditions. The Australian Immunisation Handbook has recently been updated to provide more detailed guidance on the use of Zostavax in patients who are immunocompromised or on immunosuppressive therapy.