Immunisation weekly update – 16 December 2020

16 December 2020

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Is your First Aid and CPR up to date?

All immunisation providers must hold a current certificate in first aid and CPR and should be confident in managing and treating adverse events following immunisation AEFI, especially given that COVID-19 vaccines are new.

How to minimise the risk of an AEFI

Immunisation providers can minimise the risk of serious AEFIs by performing the pre-vaccination screening checklist for all patients prior to vaccination. The checklist identifies any person with a condition which increases the risk of an adverse event or is a contraindication to vaccination, and is available in the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

New AIR guidelines now available

Two new resources are now available to support providers using the AIR. The resources focus on using the 10A Due and overdue report to assist practices follow up individuals due or overdue for vaccinations and a data quality guide.

Authentication file access to AIR will be de-commissioned

Access to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) site is changing.  Authentication file access will be de-commissioned soon and all vaccination providers need to use Provider Digital Access (PRODA).

PRODA is an online verification and authentication system developed by Services Australia. It verifies an individual’s identity and verifies an organisation against information on the Australian Business Register (ABR). PRODA enables secure access to a range of government online services.

If you haven’t already, we recommend you commence PRODA registration as soon as possible to ensure your continued access to the AIR. 

More information about PRODA and how to register is available on the Services Australia website.

New Benchmarque Endorsement program

The Benchmarque Group has recently launched their ‘Immunisation Endorsement Program’, which is an extension to their original course ‘Immunisation Practice’.

The Benchmarque Group Immunisation Endorsement Program is HESA (Health Education Services Australia) accredited online program for Registered Nurses and Midwives who want the ability to immunise independent of a medical officer.

Registered nurses and Midwives who successfully complete this program should refer to the Department of Health in the jurisdiction they practice in, or wish to practice in, for information and conditions leading to authorisation.

See Immunisation Learning Pathways brochure for further information.

Watch COVID-19 webinar recording now!

Webinar recording Getting your practice COVID vaccine ready, presented by Katrina Otto and Michelle Horswood is now available.

Watch recordings:

Recordings and presentations of webinars are uploaded to Train IT Medical & CESPHN Learning Management System (LMS).

How to access:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter the access code: please email to receive code
  3. You will also find 10 previous webinar recordings and many resources there for you
  4. You will also find Q&A from this COVID-19 vaccine webinar
  5. Please email if you have any difficulties accessing the recording or resources.

Register now for next webinar in the Getting your practice COVID vaccine ready webinar series:

  • Webinar #1: Monday 7 Dec 2020 – Watch now
  • Webinar #2: Tuesday 2 Feb 2021 – Register NOW!
  • Webinar #3: Wednesday 10 Mar 2021 – registration link not yet available
  • Webinar #4: Scheduled for April 2021 – registration link not yet available


Vaccine safety in Australia 2019 report

The 2019 Vaccine safety in Australia AusVaxSafety summary report is now available.

The report shows how people receiving vaccines, or their parents and carers, responded to the SMS about their health a few days after their vaccination at each schedule point in the National Immunisation Program (NIP) in Australia in 2019.

Safety monitoring of menB vaccine

Did you know? AusVaxSafety is monitoring the safety of meningococcal B vaccine (Bexsero®) in all ages as at 1 July 2020. See Meningococcal B vaccine safety surveillance.

Bexsero® is funded under the National Immunisation Program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children at 2, 4, 6, and 12 months of age, with a catch-up available for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children under 2 years of age until 30 June 2023.

It is also for people of any age with medical conditions that increase their risk of invasive meningococcal disease.

SKAI — Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation

SKAI — Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation — is a suite of vaccination communication support tools. SKAI is designed to facilitate conversations about childhood immunisation between families and healthcare professionals. The package includes a website and eLearning module for healthcare professionals, and a website for parents.

Resources to address concerns about immunisation:

Download the new NSW Immunisation Schedule – July 2020  

Keep up to date with Immunisation information on our PHN Immunisation webpage

Keep up to date with coronavirus information on our PHN Coronavirus webpage.