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Immunisation weekly update – 18 May 2022

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Australian Immunisation Handbook update

The Australian Government Australian Immunisation Handbook (AIH) website is being upgraded on 24 May 2022 at 12pm. The website will include these new features.

The AIH National Immunisation Catch-up Calculator (NICC) currently supports providers to plan catch-up vaccination for children under 10 years. The NICC is also being expanded to support children under 10 years who are medically at-risk.

Minimum order for Pfizer decreased to 60 doses

 COVID-19 sites are now able to order a minimum 60 doses of Pfizer 12+ from Saturday 14 May 2022 at the start of the new order window (previously 120 doses). The minimum orderable quantity for all other vaccines remains at 100 doses.

Errors relating to shelf-life extension of COVID-19 vaccines

 The Vaccine Operations Centre (VOC) have reported a number of vaccine administration errors recently relating to the TGA approval of a shelf-life extension. The new/updated expiry date approved by the TGA:

  • refers to the manufacturer expiry date while the vaccines are frozen (prior to thawing) 
  • does NOT replace the thaw use-by date – continue to calculate the thaw use-by date from defrost date
  • applies only to certain batch numbers of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines

Use the CESPHN COVID-19 vaccine Expiry Calculator to calculate thaw use-by date from defrost date for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Latest updates to clinical guidance for COVID-19 vaccines

Updated COVID-19 vaccine clinical advice

ATAGI has released updated advice on the COVID-19 vaccination program:

  • recommended interval following COVID-19 infection now 3 months
  • vaccination after treatment with monoclonal antibodies and
  • dosing schedule for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines now 8 weeks – see flowchart

COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy update

The COVID-19 vaccination decision guide for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy has been updated to include the following:

  • updated information on Novavax
  • booster dose information for those aged 16 and 17 years
  • updated information on vaccine safety and effectiveness in pregnant individuals and infants

COVID-19 and flu vaccine can be administered at the same time

A COVID-19 vaccination and an influenza vaccination can be administered at the same time and may be provided to patients during the same attendance.

While a medical practitioner is under no obligation to bulk-bill a patient receiving an influenza vaccination, a patient who also receives a COVID-19 vaccination as part of the same occasion of care must be bulk-billed for the MBS COVID-19 vaccine suitability assessment component of the overall service. See MBS online FAQ.


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This social tile, in English, explains that it is safe for you to get your COVID-19 and infleunza vaccines at the same time.

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This social tile, in English, explains that it’s important to stay up-to-date with your COVID-19 vaccines and influenza vaccine for winter.

Fluzone high-dose influenza vaccine

All people aged 65 years and over must be advised that they are eligible for the NIP funded Fluad Quad and these patients should be referred to a GP or NIP participating pharmacy.

Fluzone has been approved by the TGA for use in people aged 60 years and over and is available from pharmacies on the private market. If Fluzone is not available, people aged 60 to <65 years of age are not eligible for and should not be given Fluad Quad.

AusVaxSafety 2022 flu vaccine safety data now available

The AusVaxSafety national vaccine safety surveillance program have now published the 2022 influenza vaccine safety data. AusVaxSafety will continue to update safety data weekly for the duration of the 2022 flu season.


COVID-19 live stream update for GPs

  • COVID-19 vaccinelive stream for GPs – key updates and live Q&A
  • Details:Thursday 19 May 2022 at 11:30am (AEDT)
  • Click link to join

Practice Nurse Orientation

  • Orientation on the role of nurses in the primary health care team in the private business environment
  • Details: Tuesday 24 May 2022 at 7:00pm to 8:30pm
  • Register now

Video recordings now available

Preventing shingles and its complications

  • Watch here
  • Update on herpes zoster, its complications and disease burden; and herpes zoster vaccines available

Winter preparedness webinar

  • Watch here for GPs
  • Watch here for pharmacists
  • The panel provided key updates and answered the questions of participants on COVID-19 and influenza prevention and treatment.

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