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Immunisation weekly update – 21 December 2022

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New training module: Pfizer vaccine for children 6 months to 4 years (Maroon Cap)

Training module for the Pfizer vaccine (Maroon Cap) for 6 months to 4 years  has now been added to the COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program. Health professionals are reminded to complete the module prior to administering this vaccine. To access this module the core modules and the Pfizer (COMIRNATY) Additional Module 1 must be completed.

New: COVID-19 vaccination Consent form

The COVID-19 vaccination Consent form was updated on 15 December 2022. Immunisation providers must ensure they are using the latest version of the consent form.

Important travel vaccines: measles and polio

Immunisation providers are reminded to ensure patients are fully immunised against measles and polio before travelling to any country in which the highly infectious diseases are present. Measles vaccine is provided free in NSW for all unvaccinated individuals born during or after 1966.

Measles and polio are found in numerous countries popular with Australian tourists. Countries in which measles is commonly found include India, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand. It is also widespread in some Middle Eastern countries and across Africa. Outbreaks have occurred in Europe, the UK, and North and South America in recent years.